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Foods, traveling, photography, poetry, and people interest me a lot. I do event management for a living. Anything that I dream I’ll paint on events. My playground, my breath, my heartbeat, my head related to events. Anything fun, challenge, cute, sexy in my mind must able create to an event. Nothing is impossible when you dream it, let’s create it.

I don’t hate people ask me about age & religion. But If you bold enough to ask, my answer always “I have my GOD, I do good, but when I do shit to you because you earn it! I’m forever 21 years! Young enough makes mistake and old enough to get a drink”! So STOP asking! 🙂

When you like to chat with me personally, welcome to send friendship letter to blessmyjourney @ until then…

Feel the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome life!


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