New day new life new beginning

It’s Called Faith

Me Time

Never realized I have it firm until the most challenge moment in my life coming.

Couples month back I’m struggling with funding for my events. It’s all start with the queuing events more than my new management can handle in 1 month. Most people will consider I’m so blessed, while outside lot of event organizer struggling to find a project, my side are overwhelmed.  Well, I am blessed in many ways, and everything happens for a reason right?. Rather than seems to be ungrateful, deep down in my heart, I did say thank you creator, for giving me the best, more than I expected.

I learn day by day, even when I plan the best possible way, things might turn totally different. 2 month back I can see clearly, who suppose to be allowed stay close beside as my inner circle and the rest just stay outside.

I know one thing, I’m not the strongest one, but when everything going get tough, the tough get going! Since back days, I always believe this.

A couple of month having the constant calling from everywhere asking payment, handling the ongoing project, then must think about the new concept for the client, gosshhhh… I’m thinking how very lucky being amoeba or bacteria or virus right now, they can split and keep growing by themselves, it’s heaven!

The amazing thing among of it, I barely sleep! Someone crazy enough to call me until 3 AM in the morning. So far I get an investor progress, chasing the invoice progress, deal with the vendor done, payment for the crew done. Heaven knows how tight my time was.

Oh one thing… I’ve been struggling to reduce my weight since… so last year but never get down, when 1 kg down 3 kg ups lol… but now I can say hallelujah, buddha blessed you, alhamdulillah, thank you lord, I lost 9 kg hahaha… no Personal trainer expect this, hey, at least, I don’t.

My best friends name “A” whose in the same situation with me *facing challenge also, said impossible to find the new investor in the end of years 2015. Impossible to find someone who willing to help you when they didn’t know you.

“A”: “I will stop looking until new year coming and then start the fighting again”

Me: “Yup I know it’s not easy, might be even very difficult, but I will continue, you’ll never know unless you’ll do it”

“A”: “You do it, but all my friends already went holiday, some also closed their door for me, impossible for me to look now. Why don’t you save your energy next year together we fight again”

Me: “I’ll keep do it, I believe there’s someone out there exactly like us whose willing to trust & helped others”  

The result….


From my one of my friends connection! 3 days before end year 2015! My best friends name “B” said this “I know you since back days, you never complain about life, never asking help for you, so when you asking this means you really need to be helped”

Tears………. really tears……

I’m not a whining person, I can consider myself a little fighter, but hearing this statement from my friends, brings me tears. Heaven heard my pray when someone closest to me keeps saying impossible, my head doubts me many times, but my heart kept believing I’ll get a help if kept fighting.

I truly believe this “Nothing is bigger than my capacity to handle”
And I always kept saying this in my head “When a human is hopeless than a miracle does exists. Because the creator up there is helping in his own way, I do have faith in my creator, always”

Today… I have won, my faith won defeated every obstacle and every doubt.

To whoever out there, when you read this, do believe when you facing a challenge in life, you’ll never alone, never ever give up, miracle do exist and works with their own way. Always save a little hope at least for yourself or to the creator up there!

It’s called Faith!

Feel the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!



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