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My little friends

10 years ago, i met this little boy. he caused a bit panic the crowds outside the buidling I used to work.  imagine, 3 years old boy climbed a coconut tree, while on the ground, peoples only can see his cheeky butt! Many people persuaded him to go down, but none can do. Then I tried a very simple basics that I knew, surely this every little kids love, 3 things:

1. Candy
2. Ice cream
3. Toys

As the result, he went down slowly and everybody can continues breath! End of story this lil boy were a month guest in my private school were I used to work and become the youngest student at the time. Very active, very cute and follow me everywhere. Later on when they go back to England, his mom “Nicola” find me on the Facebook by email that I gave. Occasionally we post each other photos and chat and this year this little boy “Finlay” mom sending me message : “Is it possible to stay at your house?”. After 10 years, now we meet again….

Fin (2)

He’s tall for 13 years old boy! He’s good skater! Really!


Continue playing the next day with his mom Nicola and me


After eating, jamming with the locals, turn out his voice really good —> “UK got Talent!” lol…

The 2nd day playing skateboard the park actually closed for advertising shooting. But he managed to play for free, thank’s to very kind heart peoples at the skatepark management and also the directors of those advertising agency. Ow… and in the end of the day, this lil boy got offers for casting a bubble gum products that need skater for their advertising by those agency. Will see what happens, hmmm that day come out as “UK really got talent” lol….

Now Fin still holiday in Bali for whole month with his mom. I knew he’ll get a great happy summer time there, since they’re posting lot’s of great moments.  If the casting is on, he might come back to see me. Happy to see you Finlay, thank you for growing as an adorable manner and fun kid!

Friendship is ageless… don’t you think?! Happy Holiday everyone!

And have a good summer time!
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


11 comments on “My little friends

  1. Opinionated Man
    September 5, 2013

    At 32… still 3 of my favorites! lol ice cream, toys, and candy never get old!

    • blessmyjourney
      September 13, 2013

      ahhh 32 still very young in my eyes, and didn’t old wise man said boys will be boys regardless their age?! 😛 Age are powerless compare to our soul and spirit 🙂

      * hmmm means I’m your noona then Opinionated Man lol…

      • Opinionated Man
        September 13, 2013

        I prefer noonas lol… they are “generally” more mature. lmao 😉

        • blessmyjourney
          September 13, 2013

          Lol… never heard noonas! Noona only without “S” 😛 And in here we have fuits sounds like Noonas called Nanas 😛

  2. Tatsat
    August 21, 2013

    Reading your post lights up my day. Just so you know… 🙂

    Ageless it is…

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