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My Busy Lazy Sunday

Oatmeal Oreo Choco Truffles

05.00 am
Wake up and pray.
Sleep again.

07.00 am
Wake up and breakfast.
Sleep again.

09.00 am
Wake up and oups it’s Happy easter time!.
Go to supermarket, buy some chocolate, oreo, cheese cream.

10.00 am
About to start make some sweets,  my father said I should make a HEALTHY snack!.
Then I look his forbidden oatmeal. No one can touch his oatmeal.
I’m home only for weekend, decided to use his oatmeal! I wouldn’t be here when his angry lol…

Here’s the simple receipt that I mix
200 gr = 7 oz chocolate block
100 gr = 3.5 oz oatmeal
100 gr oreo = 3.5 oz
300 gr = 11 oz soft cream cheese
2 big bowl for mixing
2 tray for placing the the truffles
Crush the oreo using blender and also some using  plastic bag.
Stir the 1/2 soft cheese cream with oreo in one bowl.
and 1/2 soft cream with oatmeal in another bowl.
Make the truffles round any size you want, small and big (1 cm diameter).
put in the refrigerator 1 hour



11.00 am
Prepare the chocolate block cut into small square dice.
Put the chocolate into bowl (microwave purpose use) inside microwave 1 minute.
Stir the melting chocolate then dip one by one the truffles .
Put again in the tray and refrigerator.



01.00 pm
Put the truffles inside any containment available, I put inside the glass jar.


02.00 pm
Arrived at my friends apartment and bring 2 jar of truffles. It’s Happy Ester!.
They  it, I  it!.

Ps: The oreo taste better with dark chocolate, I like the oatmeal choco truffles not too sweet! Happy Testing!  Happy Easter! .


2 comments on “My Busy Lazy Sunday

  1. Tatsat
    April 2, 2013

    Looks lovely !
    I have never had Oatmeal/Oreo.Truffles 🙂 Maybe some day you will send your loyal blog followers a box full of these lovely goodies 🙂

    • blessmyjourney
      April 2, 2013

      Lol….before reach your hands already melt in my mouth I worried 😛 If you notice the white truffles one not show much in the photos? It gone nicely in the stomach 😛

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