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Me, My Ex-Boss, and His Theory of Golf

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Working is a must in this real life. Whether for permanent, freelance, part timer. We all do for one thing, to make a living. What kind of life we want will be decided by our own. When I did some self introspection I’d came up with a decision on 2009 not to work anymore in normal office with stable working hours. Owh… and I’ve been up and down like hell since that day.

The way I see my life is like amusement park, anything that fun, curious, challenge, will interest me, and that’s why game park that I hate the most will be the roller coaster! It’s fun, curious, challenge and sadly I don’t have strong stomach to do it! Always puke after wards! So yess I try more than once and still hate it! Lol… Thumbs up people who playing it bravely and do more than one time! You guys nuts, have 9 life and definitely adrenaline junkie! 🙂

After 3,5 years now, I met up some peoples I worked with back days. The most questionable by them are : “How’s your doing right now?” And I always grinning with answer : “Never been happy than today”. Honestly, I open my ethnic accessories only last for 1 year, got boring like hell, next I open my own baby clothing, stand up only for 2 year! lol…

Now this is my 3rd time attempt, I’ve been registering the company name, wrestle with design and bla… bla… bla…  things. Short words… now I’m in my own roller coaster! So either I will be puke again, just pale or getting better, will see how my endurance through this 🙂

Some people were laughing for the way I live my life now, some said I should be wisely decide for my future, having good career permanent job and stable income just like old time more appropriate. Consider finding  job so damn hard these days, age, and bla… bla…bla… I won’t argue, they all right, and all is good. Still even my choice probably not wise for many people, and If reincarnation really exist than my decision will probably the same, only faster in earlier age 🙂

Worked closely with the decision maker or precisely always work with the owner of the company open the eyes of my head. They shared their leadership open wide. They’re human being just like Us, just their attitude and their mind set towards life make them have a colorful living. The live that I want to have in my life. The last company I’ve worked were financial company the owner were 5 amazingly people all from different country.

I’m very fortunate having this relationship with the owner can call them the chairman of  the board but I prefer Ex-Boss. I’ve just met with 2 of them recently and having chit chat after they play golf. As usual they ask about how I am doing so far since 3.5 years ago resign. I’ve told them I met some challenge but still survived. Meeting them boost my spirit, since I need any support for my mental, regards this business attempt. Here what I remember 1/2 of the chat about :

William : “What you see in that field?”

Me: “People playing Golf “

W: “Beside that people who play, what else you see?

Me: “Ball, caddy, cart”

W: “Do you think can play better than those caddy?”

Me: “Lol… why you ask me that?”

W: “You see how many people learn to play golf right from morning to afternoon, sometimes taking more than 2-3 days a week, surely not an professional golf  but better player in golf.”

Me: “Yes, you also play sometimes twice a week, when you come to this country”

W: “You think my play is good?” Smile at me

Me: Grinning…. “Well you know I don’t play golf , but Michael said you’re one of the… worst! lol…” 😀

Michael is my number one role model in work, he’s in the toilet or smoking I believe somewhere when we have this chit chat, he’s also one of the owner, employee either very respect to him or sometimes scared.  But somehow suit me, coz he’s far from boring! 🙂

W: “Remind me to talk with that giraffe!”

Me: “Lol… well I heard you manage to put the ball inside the lake each time you play”:)

We both laughing as William continue the conversations.

W: “So final is the caddy can play better than me right? While those caddy play shortly only in their spare time we presume. You can learn something from these example, see the common and different about them?

Me:  Smile again… “From you and the caddy?

W: “From all the regular guest golfer and caddy”

Me: “Well the caddy play more than any guest in here, surely they play short time but more often, no wonder they can play, practice make better I think”

W: “Hmm that’s one point, the caddy play in their spare time have better skill and good knowledge, get good paid, compare to the guest who play regularly, still with poorer skill, paying good. Do you see the different?

Me: “One get paid the other one paying? One have more skill the other one just so so”

W: Smile… “Can say that but that’s not what I meant. You see the common things from them?”

Me: “Both love playing golf!” as I quick response

W: “Not all of them love playing golf,  but yes golf can give them something. Do you know some professional golfer actually start as a caddy?”

Me: “Not until you say it just now”

W: “What make all of this 3 people different?”

Me: “Hmmm… their goal, how they get there, and determination make it different, owh… and their income” As I grinned big to him.

W: Smile at me while drink his coffee “Just now I ask you about your business right?”

Me: “Yes…”

W: “Put that things you mentioned just now in your head and heart, learn their attitude towards their life, aside the income measurement, than you will see the differences in your business and your living.”

Me: Silent…

W: “Think simple, while you make big plan put small step to achieve it, you have a positive attitude that’s a plus, learn and always believe yourself no matter how hard it’s gonna be!  Business are like these 3 people playing golf, all good example and all have good living, it’s your decision which one you like to end up.”

Me: “My dream to have own business and want it really success that’s for sure”

W: “Then firm your goal, adjust your way to get there, needs more than just 1 night and many years to get where I am now, and you’re with us half of those years, prove to yourself that a decision to resign from us is not a wrong turn.”

Me: Smile… “Even if it’s look like my dream or my way are wrong, I’m gonna make it right!”

W: “No… the right mind set is : Dreams are always right, the way to get there that you must adjust! ” Smile…


Ps: I made this conversation as much as I can remember. At least I got mostly the essence of his advice and theory 😛


2 comments on “Me, My Ex-Boss, and His Theory of Golf

  1. blessmyjourney
    April 12, 2013

    Lol…. really it’s just the way how we all see, while others might see braveness in my decisions, actually I’m scared like hell that encourage me to decide that. Scared to live with other peoples expectation & dreams not mine, while life not stay forever, Aren’t we all like that? 🙂

  2. jimmyvsworld
    April 6, 2013

    Interesting story! It was very brave of you to leave the “normal” office and stable hours. So many people want to yet so few are brave enough to try!

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