New day new life new beginning

Damn! lol…*&^%$#@!


Been traveled quite pack this past 2 weeks. I felt happy like always. Each time works allowed me to meet Peoples, visit places and tasting foods, many other can’t mentioned enough, then I will always say “I’m the most happy person in life”. Been doing events like choocoo trains non stop! One by one our crews break down, either influenza, cough or fever. I got too! But too damn proud to surrender. Back working in Event Organized company doing events that specialized only for IT company really exciting. Bring memory how I start fall in love with this job back days in college years.

There’s a slight un easy feeling part of the last events I did. My Partner doing some cutting budget without any notification, worst because it’s my fee that been cut. Damn! Confront it and my partner doing innocent face. Then I did traveling to do events in another city, get back only to find my fee been cut down… again! Damn! lol… *&^%$#@!

I remembered even donkey won’t slip down till 3 times. Which I already reach 2 times been treating like fool. Means now I’m the same level with donkey, damn! lol…  *&^%$#@!

Now along the way I suggest my partner to open another company under different name, in order to take more clients that can’t be take in the 1st company. Why? Because the 1st company already well-known as E.O (Event Organizer) for IT company, 2nd company will be taking different events and can belong to both of  Us. And my partner did, open quickly as I expected. Only minus one thing, my partner deliberate not wanting to put my name! Damn! lol… *&^%$#@!

What happen now I take a step back, and remembering why I joined this company. Wait… 1st I only agree 1 year to join. 2nd I do this to help my buddy which is “my partner” now to run this company.  3rd the fee I did agree will be variety depends on the budget. I think the 3rd term is the most trouble maker for me staying awhile in this company. Damn! lol…*&^%$#@!

We talk about the share-out reach 70:30,  and all I do just listen, “my partner” do the talk, and the final words from me : I stick to my gentleman’s agreement help you 1 year, and for the share-out just arrange as you wish! Damn!  lol… *&^%$#@!

Next working days calling me and asking to have buddy’s talking. We talked hours, laughing and have lunch continue laughing until afternoon. Asking me the questions and here the fun chat :

My Partner a.k.a my Buddy : “So after 1 year you won’t be helping us again, even when we need one?”

Me: “Lol… chuckle and continue laughing”

Buddy: “Seriously this company I open for Us to make big things”

Me: “Lol… ” Smile

Buddy : “What can I do to make you stay?”

Me: Looking seriously… “Now?”

Buddy : “Yes” looking at me

Me: “Lol… nothing!” Smile bigger

Buddy: Looking at me and quite

Me: “You remember I’ve my own plan to open my own bakery, right? And the only reason I join your company because you ask for helping, and I agree only for 1 year”

Buddy: “Yes, but now I open 2nd company that more suitable for you, we can arrange more events not only for IT company, this is what we’ve been talking so long”

Me: “Yes, correct”

Buddy: “So why won’t you stay?

Me: Looking at my buddy smile and “When you decide to have real partner, look for me once again, because you know I’m always ready to invest.”

Buddy: “I already let you know I’m not brave enough to take someone investment in the company, I’m stubborn, hard to deal with, and I’m so worry that business can damage our friendship”

Me: “Lol… yess can’t agreed more with what you said. That’s why I said, I agree join only for 1 year.”

Buddy: “So you still won’t help us when we need help?”

Me: “That’s 2 different subject, when you need help I’ll help when I can, but staying is another thing. Help is temporary, staying is permanent, and I’m also looking my ground to stay. You get what I’m saying right”

Buddy: Silent

Me: “It’s your company, build as great as you wish. But asking me to stay means I only want to invest not only money, also invest my time, my dreams, my ideas, there’s must be a room for me to feel the ground, to build things, to create and to accomplish my dreams. Not only coming to help or having big fees”

Buddy: Still silent

Me: “I’m not perfect person but can say I put the very best of me while I’m with you, and wish you best when I’m far away later, my wish only you can feel the same for me”

Buddy: Silent……………

Me: Stand up put hand on buddy shoulder, pay the restaurant bill “Let’s go back, time to go home”

Both of Us walking in silent for a while, then start talking other things when reach the car.

For me working is must be fun. Why? My time is really short. Everyone have 24/day, 7 days/week just the duration of life is different. Other might reach 60, bless whoever reach those age. While some not even reach 25 or even just 9 years old already go to heaven. My time also the same, the duration really getting shorter. I’m not dying, no no no… Just saying, if I still have 2 years to go then I won’t be working like the old-time I did, but if I have 20 years more to come then I still won’t be working as the old me before.

Money, no money, new car, old car, bigger house, ordinary house, brand clothes, no brand clothes, higher social status or just ordinary all that point me to one direction… happy. If not then all of those just… damn! lol…*&^%$#@!

I want to work where I can work to build people, not only to build me. I only want to work where I can see those spread their wing and become an eligible partner with me even as my competitor one. I want work only where I can see not only sweat, tired and fake smile to clients but want to see more smile in their eyes, laughing in their voice laughter, fighting spirit regards about life, and seeing more helping hands all the way.

Yess I’m living in my own world. Pessimist will say “Only heavens provide that”, lol… realist will say “Did you knock your head and please put your butt on the ground”,lol… while other might say “Real world all the same, just do as what it’s offer and try the best” My reply: “Real world is where we build! Try the best is means I still have 20 years to come since I might only have 1 more day to live, I will create my world as I please and not even think to “try the best effort”  but put all of it until I can’t even say try!

So yes my buddy, I’m so happy in the beginning when you ask me to join temporary with you. I even wrote my feeling in this blog. Yess I know I have big good heart that even my fee been cut down also still smile. Damn! lol… *&^%$#@!

Yess I have enough money, enough car, enough house, enough clothes, enough friends in good environment, it doesn’t means I’m still like the old coworker back days you met in college years. I still have big heart, but not easily being used anymore. I kept my gentleman’s agreement to you because you’re my buddy. Other than that I grew up by time.

I have my own dreams to pursue, I offer you to part of it’s while you are not put me in your’s. Business you say, yess it’s all about business indeed. So while you build yours, I am also after mine.  Now your time left 7 month only, using it wisely. Like I said I put all effort not only try my best.

Advice: Hiring people like me will only cost you a lot! I don’t care the fee you cut. Damn! lol…*&^%$#@!  It’s a happy feeling for me you must provide! That’s why my buddy no money can settled! Apologies for making you set up new company while you already trouble with the 1st one. But if there’s a round plate of cheese cake, it will taste yummy when you slice and share with other, why? you can taste it and not be full of it. Same with our condition. I’m not meant to trouble you, it’s all about business! Damn!  lol…*&^%$#@!

Plus… I’m no angel either! 😀


2 comments on “Damn! lol…*&^%$#@!

  1. Tatsat
    March 25, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post 🙂 Sort of ticklish 🙂

    • blessmyjourney
      March 25, 2013

      Glad bring ticklish to others tho Tatsat, same with me, I felt little bit in situation “not smart” which is the donkey part coming lol…

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