New day new life new beginning

Self Talking : We Hurt Sometimes part II

On a tight day, squeeze the priority
One come asking for a help, for you to sit and listen
Hours, days and months, your ears for them to be ease
Mind, body and heart, bring smile back only for them

Distance never been a problem
Social status not an important things to be check 
Appearance far away from the topics
Differences will be appreciate among

As we grow from child to teenage, then adult is the most scary part. Even one didn’t want to, they ended up with have to.

Time always tell the story, regards life that we all live
Phone seems stop ringing, message not even beeping
When a heart feel heavy, just hope someone stay up late
As we try to seek the tied, no one come to look for more

Excuses out for justify, distance now become a talk
As a lifestyle become an issue, differences are things to avoid
One must survive to deal, that promises made to be broken
Nothing is confirmed to be full, because end of life isn’t the tittle

Part of being adult is problem arise along might find the solution. Still sometimes we wish stayed as a kid, not tied to the norm neither the boring rules and all tight arrangement.

Happiness lies in our own hands
Living in a competitive world, and challenging life we have
Big world seems remarkable, wouldn’t change a simple true fact
There’s  always time in our  life,  that we do get hurt sometimes 

Regardless how many happiness we gain
Still the blurry in our heart coming to remind
In the short time we have, not single of that should be posses
As we all might once again, get hurt sometimes


Love to hear your words in here....

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