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Home Sweet Home

True Love

Arrived safely at home. After flying without wings, now I can rest on my nest. Talking with my parents again, and exchange stories like old days.  This home gave shelter, share memories, and place to gathered whole big family for me, my siblings, grandparents, auntie, uncle, cousin and friends. My mother mentioned they would like to have smaller house, since all the kids no longer staying around them except me still staying around 1-2 days, after travel and works. Then left only with 2 housekeepers and my parents. Smaller than this more easy to maintain she said.

I’m going back home for doing self-reflection, my cozy place to be with. Then find a fact that this meaningful house consider to be replaced with new one. Raised in family that provide enough for everything, make me wonder, if we lack from all we’ve today would I and my sibling will be more strive to have more success, will I and my sibling will have more “killing instinct” doing our business now? It’s on my mind lately. 

My father and all his siblings have been taking care by the church since 3 years old, lost his father due to war for our independence country.  From him we all listen how struggle his life in the past. Everything that he do as an engineering until become a business person, I witness it. He’s a proud man, if one want to learn and put 101% effort nothing one can’t do, that is his motto in life. He’s like professor for all of Us, a living dictionary.

I quote him :  I’ve been raised with all the un-ideal life condition, from having everything to have nothing, I still can achieved all of this thing, so when you start more ideal condition than me, more support than me, get enough supply than me, then no single excuses not achieve anything you wanna be!”  

I didn’t have much good memories with my  mother when I was a kid. But now slowly understand her stressful life for having me alone while my father works far away, understand a lot of things she like to achieve but post pone due to have me in her youth time, understand her best way to raise me back days were put straight rules and by all including hitting, slapping and harsh words.

Even though bad memories still linger, I manage to understand and heal slowly by create more good memories now rather than remember bad one in the past. Through her now I see how she’s support my father, provide homemade food while he’s home, having all the children manner and good education, make sure our healthy and everything we need ready. Listen to our story when we need a simple advice to strengthen our heart, we look the best counselor in the world… our mother! She’s like a doctor in our house can heal any wounded.

So while I’ve self-reflection about myself, I saw everything I need, just by simply coming back to where I’ve been raised, this house? No…  seeing my father and mother are! This house, were a meaningful place indeed, but my mother and my father is the content of a true “Home” actually. Having them in our life will be the one we call “Home Sweet Home”.  

So whenever they go, wherever they stay, it will be home for me and my siblings, because “Home” is where my parents stick to. As long as we have them, any place we can call “home sweet home”.  

PS: For you who read this, whether you have one parent or both, have any elder that you consider as your parents, or anyone who support you like parents to their children, be thankful, and spend time more to they who cared you most. 

Warm regards
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


2 comments on “Home Sweet Home

  1. jimmyvsworld
    March 18, 2013

    That’s a really inspiring story about your father! My family came from a similar background.

    • blessmyjourney
      March 19, 2013

      Thank U Jimmy, parents, elder, adult people can be our life role model, now seems our turn to be one for others – Our parents quite amazing right 🙂

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