New day new life new beginning

Childhood Memory Strike


Childhood really amazing, this morning suddenly I remember why I diligently learn using English in my teenage time when others not really. My father as an engineer special in Master Panel he said. I don’t know what is that,  but we ended up traveling in some country for him to study or work. Sometimes I stay at my “guardian family” but mostly in hotels. And with no mother around that much, I must using understandable language to get help, any language, verbal non verbal.

Even my nick name given by my “guardian father”, which means “house” in Japanese language. Aahh Yess… my guardian family is Japanese originally, which I’m not 🙂 One time I follow my father to Singapore, afternoon he drop me at the hotel to get rest, while he’s heading somewhere with his friends. Turn out the hotel have big events, it’s like awarding night for movie or music things, red carpet is on place, cars were queuing, pretty dresses were coming. End story I just walk through it, remember I “stay” in this hotel almost a week already, then the doorman stop me. Here’s the 30 second conversation that imprint my memory always :

Doorman 1 : “Miss you can not enter here”
Doorman 2 : “Please take a side miss”
Me : ” I wanna go inside”
Door bell 1 : Smiling and rising his voice…”But you can’t miss, please take a side”
Me : “Why no… I lived here” (rise my voice also)
Doorman 2 : Frowning ” You LIVED here?”
Doorman 1 : Grinning… “you mean you STAY here?”
Doorman 1 & 2 : Laughing together …
Me : Silent…
Doorman 3 : coming behind me “Miss you can enter through this gate”
He pointed another glass door and guide me through it.

I was 12 years old that time, English is not my 1st language, somehow, somewhat I felt offended or maybe embarrassed and humiliate by this doorman saying and laughing. Afterwards I only listen to English song, watch English movie, and talking English language to my family. In my mind “I will come back to that country, stay in that hotel, speak English in correct way, and yelling to that doorman!”.

2 years after that, I did coming back to Singapore, my biggest screw memory! I stayed in the hotel and seeing the doorman, what did I do? I played! I wandering here and there with my guardian family, I try new foods, meet new friends, buying new book, sight seeing in mall. Come back in hotels and sleep! Next day, again… until I went back to my country!.

Amazing how our mind works right?! For 2 years I put my anger in study to be able talk in English, force my self to learn those headache grammar, memories thousand vocabulary, the result… I played! I didn’t remember which hotel I stayed, don’t remember the face of those ash**** doorman, all I did was having fun!.

Right now… this how I think of my self, “I’ll do what I want to do, I write what I want to write, I talk what I want to talk, and All with my way!!!” I don’t care if my grammar false, I don’t care if my talk nor my write not super right, just don’t judge if I’m not asking you to! Try to speak in my language then let me judge you!

In the end I have to thank’s those ash**** doorman for putting me in those humiliate situation. It’s bring my competitive positive attitude. Now the way I learn any other language pretty the same, by song, movie, youtube, and practice…practice…practice.

Ok… moral of the story… take your negative experience into positive benefit, don’t let any one down you for any reasons! Nothing is perfect in this world, Only God did!

Warm regards
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


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