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Not My Cup Of Tea… Not

Tiramisu Cup

Lately I met some challenged, my physics getting off track. So need some exercise, I love beat, so I join….. Yoga! Lol…  Yess Yoga beginner class, it’s out my preference, not my cup of tea. Being say no all the time to Yoga class, ended up make me curious, why so many woman and even man are following. And since I’m curious… I joined.

1st the move so damn slow, I seems can hear my own heart beat! 2nd The only thing stop me going out from the class, too damn pride to be defeated and 3rd my friends said this teacher/guru very strictly discipline, so I’m worried, if I quit my head might be thrown by the block inside the class! 😀 Serious! End story I followed the class exactly 45 minute until finish.

And proudly present after this Yoga class I follow seduce class, it’s dance with high beat, ahh my cup of tea type. Usually I need warming up around 15 minute to get proper safe condition. After exercise I took shower and ready to go. But strange… I used get tired and wants eat a lot after exercising. This time… not even tired! Wow… Ok… now,  flash back….

Taking shower…
Seduce class…
Yoga class… pause!

This  particular exercise, slow motion *if you say breathing is a move, than that’s it only lol…, serious! No up beat music, no hype movement and yet this exercise able make me sweating like a bear jumping to the pool! Just only for 45 minute! While Yoga I feel my breath slower, my mind ease my body relax and when I open my eyes in the end of the class, strangely I feel “fresh!”After Yoga I “Feel”  just a warming up, while my “Look like” doing 3 km run with high speed! 😀 And trust me,  my look exactly like swimming with all my clothes on!

The conclusion is, never ever say “not my cup of tea” before even try! Or perhaps the famous advice is “don’t judge the book by it’s cover”.  Now I’m confidence to say, I like Yoga! Even just enter one class only for the moment why? Because I got injured and seeing doctor now for my knee therapy, yep this is I got after the class, why? Because after Yoga and other class, I got wrong foot massage from foot Saloon,  so nothing to do with the gym class! 😀

So here’s some of list I think should prepare before enter the Yoga class:

1. Judge nothing, expect learn new thing!

2. Wear the most comfortable clothes that’s allow you to do a lot of movements.

3. Drink mineral water a lot!  Like I said, after Yoga I look like jumping to a pool with my clothes on! 😀

4. Eat or healthy snack properly before exercise, advice from the teacher 2  hour before.

5. Go to bathroom before class! So annoying when you have to restrain your pee while the class going! *personal experience! I hold my pee! 

6. If you can, prepare your own mat, even if the gym provide.  At least bring wet clean towel to clean your mat, why? If you got my mat after I do Yoga then you will understand why I suggest this!  hehe…

7.  Impress no one and stop if you feel awkward while exercise especially beginner like me!

8. For plus size person, please.. please… don’t by shy or embarrassed enter class,  just try to search more what should and shouldn’t, because all related to your knee and ankles condition! 

9. Do light warming up! Just 10-15 minute, or else you might cramp while doing yoga or any exercise.

Curiosity kills the cat! In this case… I’m the cat! lol… Hope this can help you try any new exercise, especially Yoga!  And yess Yoga is not my cup of tea… not!


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