New day new life new beginning

U All Loved By Me


My name is Candy
Sweet and sour land is where U can find me
Like by so many and loved so dearly by special to me
When U put in the ground, the ants will take me
when U put me in the jar, someone will choose me
When U offer to a child, they will lick and adore me

My name is Candy
Where have no mommy and daddy not be a sorrow for question to mark me
Jelly, bubble gum, lollipop and chocolate are stage name for me
Not a single day none missed not to look for me
And any special day will be my stage to shine me sparkly

My name is Candy
Mystery for many, yet being so loved by special
From children to grown up, casual to special, morning to dawn
I never failed to amaze the rest who find me
Simply because they are curious and need about me

My name is Candy
Made by anonymous make me the brightest among the stars
My appearance can be cute as much as one I need to be
My taste can be many as one as they need me
And my fragrance will follow by who make special to me

My name is Candy
Wonderful land is where I belong
My schedule are travel in difference country
None adventurous be able to beat me
Candy maker and any designer never tired to make me
And any celebrity never as stylist as my appearance will be

I am Candy
In this world people name me as so dearly
When they are sad chocolate they call me
When they happy jelly and lollipop I’m gonna be
When they travel bubble gum to keep me

I am Candy
And my message is please live as dearly
Even when I stand alone no one around
I will never feel empty
Because deep down inside I know U all love me

I am Candy
Sending all my love whoever near me
Being different is not a mistake even other might deserted
Just remember how am I invented
And see how I’ve been treated

I am Candy
With all my sweetness share this warm loving feeling
So U can be happy not full of tears
As my life can’t be predict just one day or longer
I live to the fullest with all my life live so differently
Not a single day I am thinking to be the same me

I am Candy
With no clearly background they invented me
And perhaps many try bring down and criticize me
I still be loving by so many, shine as bright as I wanna be
Here is my whisper to all of U who feel and think of lonely
Perfect’s is not the key for one to be happy
And everyone is deserve to be love just like me
So I am Candy… and U all loved by me!

Warm regards
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


2 comments on “U All Loved By Me

  1. Massi
    February 15, 2013

    very professional!!!

    • blessmyjourney
      February 15, 2013

      Ahh… thank you, wish U feel the love today Massi 🙂

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