New day new life new beginning

New Day = New Life

Been awhile off from everyone, even in other social media. Busy? Not really, just clear up my mind, my heart and my physic. With my laptop got totally reject to On & my PC got burnt I don’t think can get any worst, “Teng”… wrong, got some battle in my life, one of my implant failed, need another surgery, broken gum teeth, injured my joint knee, and my business partner bailed out! I’m sitting on hot sit right now, hell I’m burning! Now I’m more confident, any more disaster coming I’ll say “welcome aboard” 😀

Closest peoples with me might be able to think how bottom down moment right now my life is, if they know. But I doubt they can see neither to feel with all they think. It’s not purposely hide it, just realized that most of people not really like sad, gloomy, down mood the story of others. They might hear it but rarely listen, so even I used quite expressive with everything, start to quite a bit right now, I write, listen to new music, seeing new peoples, follow more new activities. I need to keep distance on my routine, in order to stand up one more time.

Crying, angry, disappointed, hopelessly down ummm… all done, even broken heart not so exhausted as like now 😛  Used to believed in Luck, because peoples used to said I’m a lucky person each time I got something in study, sports, or any good result on something, U’re lucky coz U’re smart, U’re lucky coz U’ve strong physic,  U’re lucky coz U’re confidence, U’re lucky coz U’re parent can provide U bla bla bla… And here I am, stumble so many times in life, so much for “Lucky” gezzzz… I’m more to believe in “Miracles” now. There’s no such “lucky” in a straight row in life, it’s always follow by plan, hard work and determination! The rest to miracle of pray, miracle of hard work, miracle of life! 🙂

I’ve been the lowest moment in my life before, even have extreme thinking to ended my life when I was a teenager, ahh… yes I’ve passed that moment also! One thing that I kept in mind now, yess I failed…again… now, then this means there’s chances 50/50 I get the success in next doing! So… I just must get up, one more time! Always! Always! As long as I still breath, right?! Just like old wise advice said “what doesn’t kill U make U strong” Agreed with that!

To whoever read this, just remember after the rain might have the rainbow! When U have a hard living out there, U’re not alone! Somewhere, somehow, somebody might experienced the same or worst than you, don’t you dare to give up! If you dare enough think to ended your life, then you must dare enough to face Ur life to be alive! We all come to end when our time come, that means only death is 100% confirmed, the rest always 50/50, when U still alive, U might change the result! Always!

Hey… after all this is 2013, a new day, a new year again, I don’t know if I can get another new day or new year, but I got today for a start, and that’s enough for me 🙂 New Day = New Life, perfect!

Warm greetings 2013 from Me
Until then…
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


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