New day new life new beginning

This World Is So Big!

This is my 2nd blog attempt, and today is my 3rd day attempt, yesss… I’m happy like a kiddo getting a candy. Why? 3 years ago I decide having a blog, concerned too much about the design, frustrated looking all the widget, staring hopelessly to the dashboard, mesmerizing by all the senior blogger did. Forget by having a blog means someone must do the writing or up loading something! If not who will?! 😛 So my 1st blog R.I.P 😀 That’s how my 1st blog life story.

I start writing and up loading pictures that I’ve taken, surprisingly peoples coming. I’m not much looking other senior blogger again, with concerned I’ll be day dreaming and stop doing what the purpose I’m blogging, *means I’m day dreaming those awesome blogging were mine! lol… But then I stumbled to one article, lead to another one, seeing one photos, to another one. And I can’t stop reading nor seeing, their words truly meaning something, and their photos really speaking.

Might be I’m not a professional writer…yet, nor a magnificence photographer…yet, lol… but seeing other people works, really amazing. Rather than pissing on things for “how good” other people doing, I sat back and realized one thing, they’re also starting from scratch, then becoming something.

Here’s my self talking after wandering on other’s blogs:

I ask myself, why did I start blogging?
I have always love traditional writing, I love making poems, writing short stories, taking pictures, just not in the modern way of doing. Then after took some thinking, I kinda see the positive side of blogging, more interactive, so here I am, making my 2nd attempt on blogging.

What things I really like on this blogging things?
Learn new things, meet un-predict things, and the process really so worth doing.

As a Newbie what things make me keep going?
Now I can say… “needs”, encourage, highlight my purpose doing blogging! With remembering there’s a step in every way, nothing last for an instant, rarely. So slowly… breath… inhale -exhale…

Did I have any goal by blogging?
Yes… I want to express my mind, practice my writing, and communicate with more people in other part of the world. The rest, just relaxing my mind by up-loading anything that I feel wanting.

It’s a fact I get fascinated by motivation behind starting something new, so who am I looking for this blogging world?
I took example on how other blogger doing, by reading or looking what they’re posting, seeing how they reply each other make this blog worlds working.  I know I’m slow on following other blog, it’s intend to be. I genuinely looking your world before hitting the button “follow”.

So, last… what words do I like deliver to friends who visiting my blog?
Thank you all for your visiting, like the post, write a comments, or even might following my blog, your time really worth doing, it’s really encouraging me continue blogging.

Yess…I’m still learn to do this new blogging things, yess… I get fascinated by lot’s of you who do blogging way earlier than I do, yess… sometimes I  get surprise each time I read or seeing other posting, even for my own blog. Because didn’t know how fun this one gonna be, and how much I can do things I never really think about it before. It’s surprisingly continue for me. Indeed this blogging world is so big! Yes…This World Is So Big!

So until then…
Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!

There’s so many -ing words in this writing… I am doing it purposely. 1st because it sounds like I’m rhyming, 2nd because I feel like wanna doing, so… just doing. Lol…



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