New day new life new beginning

Feels Newbie

Pencil Vs Laptop

Exactly March’2012 finally I agreed to help my long time “partner in crime”.  Start 15 September 2012, formally joined the company for temporary. This “partner”which is actually one of my buddy back days in university,  then let’s call my partner in crime “Buddy”.

Lately Buddy had been checking my activities, especially since I “vow” STOP working in normal office hour in the end year of 2009. The intention is to ask me join forces for awhile in Buddy company, why… because Buddy plan to leave temporary in certain period time. Despite knowing my imperfection as Buddy replacement still, we both shake our hands  like the old times.

We did hands in hands back days, for better for worst Buddy said. Naah… it’s for better for fun if it’s come to me 🙂 From study, hang out, dating, saving some penny, and when we choose our own “grown up” path, Buddy get married have 2 children, I reminds happy go lucky, still we tangled each other, just less than before.

What Buddy offered me actually an activities that I continues doing up until now as a freelance event organize (E.O), even when I used still work in normal office working hour.  Yet the offers this time bring me quite exciting feelings and personal sentimental reasons.

Buddy company is specialist handling events for Technology Company, meeting, incentive, exhibition, bla bla bla… known as Mice or some refers to “Meeting Industry”. It’s strictly and serious event, at least for me. While I’m more to gathering, gala dinner, company holiday traveling, and doing limited clients for wedding organize, definitely a happy joy joy events right? 🙂

So why am I so interested writing this? Because I used to handle those “strictly and serious” events back days when we both study and work for fun. While Buddy is a technology update, detailed, very structured, I’m the opposite 😀  Love the outdoor activities, visiting new places, meet new peoples, I’ll be a type of Bill Ray Cyrus who singing “It’s my life” from Bon Jovi lol… *yes I listen to “Achy breaky heart” era, and I fond of Bon Jovi song, who didn’t like them anyway?! Basically I love things that can express energy, move around and if it’s new experience definitely bring the best feeling.

I thought I forget how’s the feeling bring me, flash back and I still remembered when I get my 1st assignment, 1st place I start worked as a professional *means not under my dad order anymore, the 1st time I accepted my “HUGE” salary *$80 a month! Don’t laugh! lol… The 1st time I learnt operate excel microsoft *not everyone understand excel oke!, the 1st moment I have an employee pass card that sounds “tiiit tiiit” each time I put the card in front of the gate censored, the 1st proper suit to wear for work, the 1st time I feel so eager, so enthusiastic, so matured, so “top of the world”,  are those activity, with those specific clients, “strict and serious events”. This coming back  bring me very super duper extra mega nervous, exciting, challenging feelings.

Even I’m grown up with gadget era I’m not exactly gadget freak or with technology up date person, can say I’m years behind my age for those things. Back days, when my friends using microsoft word, excel, playing online games, I do writing with pen and paper, calculate with pen and paper, playing chess with real chess board and my dad drivers is the only permanent opponent! 😀

So being end up doing events for technology company forced me to understand more about the technology it self and the clients, their products, their culture environment. I feel “wow” this is still new for me.

How good am I now for understanding about technology?! Beside my mobile phone for calling, texting, my laptop for playing games and start writing, I pretty much “learn hard” to understand why everyone using dropbox, why “cloud” no more meaning cloud in the sky in technology term lol…

Yesssss… I feels newbie right now! Thank’s Buddy for adding more live to my life!

Fell the air, like the ride, love the fun
I am Blessed
Have an awesome day!


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