New day new life new beginning


Screams if its push you to the limit Yell if you had been sarcastic yell by F*#@!K people Shout your mind, if you know it’s an asshole who keep shouting garbage words … Continue reading

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Kita Terlahir Berbeda

Dear Diary, 3 Juni 2017 | Jakarta Saya berusaha menghindari 4 hal dalam menulis 1. Agama 2. Politik 3. Suku 4. Ras Pahami ketika anda membaca tulisan saya, ini dari presepsi … Continue reading

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I Love You

If it’s tonight is the end, I know I’m not alone I had you as my companion in this life If today my last moment being alive, I know I’m … Continue reading

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Aku disini menatap kedepan Aku disini menggoreskan mimpi Aku berkeringat berjuang mewujudkan angan Aku merasakan manis dan pahitnya perjalanan Lelah terkadang tiada tara Menyerah sering menggoda Namun peluh yang dirasakan … Continue reading

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Dear Future Life

  If I have another life one thing I would love to be… If I have more time to achieve my big dream I would love to do… If I … Continue reading

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My Dreams

Dreams, a modest word that played significant roles on me. Never knew before, that having dreams can bring me this alive. Many times wishes only in my head, years later … Continue reading

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I Hate Hospital

Yesterday was the 2nd time my mum get small operation for her kidney. There will the 3rd time doctor said. Seems endless this operation procedure. After that, my dad will … Continue reading

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